Framing Quotes:

Step 1. 

Please have a look at the frame mouldings below to see which one would be suitable for your picture/s:

Gold, Silver & Grey frames

White, Brown & Black frames

Wood frames

Step 2.

screen shot
Once you have an idea of the sort of frame you like, please highlight your chosen moulding, screen shot as shown, and attach to your email along with the size and mount/glass requirements. 
Go to Step 3.

Step 3.

  • screen shot

Mount/Matt: (if no mount is required go to Step 4.)
Using the images as a guide, please also let me know if you require a single mount or double mount or no mount.

Step 4.

Glass: (if no glass is required go to Step 5.)
Please let me know if you require normal glass or if the artwork is of value, a specialist glass is recommended.
·        Normal glass (pictured left) is suitable for everyday framing and is the cheapest option.
·        UV glass - filters out 99% of harmful UV rays. Suitable for fine art prints, photographs, watercolours etc.)
·        Anti-reflect water white glass (pictured right) - has little to no reflection and 70% UV filter. Suitable for dark pictures where you would get a reflection, paintings, fine art prints, photographs and objet d'art) 

Step 5.

screen shot
To recieve an accurate quote, please state the size of the picture/painting.

Please email me with the 5 Step details for a no obligation quote.